The Evelyn Oldfield Unit Development Team supports and facilitates refugee and migrant community organisations to participate fully in London’s thriving and diverse voluntary and community sector.

We coordinate and deliver a programme of support, information and advice that enables organisations to build their capacity, get involved in local decision making structures and promote community participation activities to their users.

If your organisation is based in London, has a constitution and a management committee, our Development Team can support you to:

  • Strategically plan the work of your organisation
  • Develop the way you manage and deliver your work
  • Build the capacity and skills of your organisation, its staff, management committee and volunteers
  • Identify and meet the needs of your users
  • Access interactive and practical learning opportunities
  • Develop joint working initiatives with fellow organisations
  • Contact and work collaboratively with key mainstream organisations in your area and across London
  • Access information key to your organisation’s development
  • Participate in local community activity and decision-making
  • For more information about how we could help your organisation, please speak to a member of the Development Team on 0207 697 4100.

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